• Our Company

We are a truly unique creative and digital production agency that is fully independently owned and remains to be part of one of the biggest agency networks in the world. We work with some of the biggest media agencies in the world as well as smaller local agencies in our local area. This is what is inspiring to us, having the freedom to work on Big brands, and at the same time not loosing focus of what we really strive to be, a small independent agency, working on inspiring creative & challenging projects. We have two main bases The Inspired Agency in the UK and The Inspired Studio in Sweden, but we also have a global presence enabling us to offer our services across the globe.
Well, we only work with agencies, media owners and other companies within our industry. We do not work directly with clients. We stick to what we know we are good at:

Creative & Digital Production Services for Agencies and Media Owners

We believe that working together can benefit everyone, therefore we keep a close network of partners and individuals that we utilise, when the need arises. What doe's this mean for you? It mean's cost effective, motivated, production resources at a moments notice.